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“The Holistic Entrepreneur” is dedicated to your health, well-being, success and prosperity. 

Sep 24, 2019

Do you want a fulfilling life and have a successful business too? Guest, Maria Kellis discusses how to thrive in life and in business by choosing a soul powered journey. Maria share some practical steps you can take right now to achieve better balance in your life and your business. Join us for an enlightening conversation!

Maria Kellis is a spiritual entrepreneur bridging the world between business and spirituality, helping smart, high-achievers transform their lives into the reality they’ve been dreaming of. Maria helps you find peace, abundance, and a connection with your own power and purpose. If you feel afraid and trapped in your old patterns, Maria is able to help you get out of your own way, and release what is not working for you. She specializes in helping those who struggle with energy blocks, past trauma, long term diseases, addiction, and depression. She will help you find the motivation and drive to manifest your highest potential.

Maria’s coaching is intensive, in-depth, laser-focused, and designed to help you achieve permanent breakthroughs on a rapid timeline. You’ll develop a deeper connection to reality and humanity, to your business, and to yourself. You’ll be able to connect to your powerful, authentic voice, your intuitive self, and the creative force within you, empowering you to finally manifest your ultimate goals.

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Host Bonnie Groessl, MSN, is a best-selling author, international podcast host and business consultant. Her clients learn how to share their message with people around the world by developing a robust online presence that can include podcasting, publishing, video and blogging. 

Bonnie and her husband, Mike Dauplaise, own and operate M&B Global Solutions, a company offering content marketing production and boutique publishing services that fit the needs of entrepreneurs and small businesses who want to accelerate their journey to success.

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