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“The Holistic Entrepreneur” is dedicated to your health, well-being, success and prosperity. 

Oct 23, 2018

Have you ever wondered what it takes to build your business the right way so that you avoid some of the biggest legal pitfalls? Does the process of safeguarding your business sound so overwhelming that you haven’t even started? Or perhaps you think that certain (big business) strategies don’t apply to you? Join us today as Heather breaks down legal basics to help you more powerfully lead your business and make the right strategic decisions from the start.  

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Host Bonnie Groessl, MSN, is a best-selling author, international podcast host and business consultant. Her clients learn how to share their message with people around the world by developing a robust online presence that can include podcasting, publishing, video and blogging. 

Bonnie and her husband, Mike Dauplaise, own and operate a boutique publishing company and virtual marketing team, offering services that fit the needs of entrepreneurs and small businesses who want to accelerate their journey to success.  

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